Name : Piolo Jose Pascual
Date of Birth : 12 January 1977
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 170 lbs
Weight: 5'10 1/2"
Son: Inigo (from a former relationship)
Father's Name: Philip V. Pascual
Mother's Name: Amelia N. Pascual
Brother: 1 brother (Choy)
Sisters: 4 sisters

Academic Background

  • Grade School : St. Francis of Assisi
  • High School : St. Francis of Assisi High School
  • College : University of Santo Tomas


  • Favorite Color:
         black, white
  • Favorite Food:
         tuna sashimi, pusit
  • Favorite Actor/Actress:
         Robin Williams, Susan Sarandon, Winona Ryder
  • Favorite Music/Musician:
         classical, Beethoven, Jim Chappel
  • Favorite Show/Film:
         Les Miserables, Awakenings

Did you know that...

  • he has the most beautiful dark brown eyes which, he so modestly admits, are what women find sexiest in him?
  • he's a self-confessed mama's boy?
  • he's the youngest in the family?
  • he's been independent since he was 15?
  • he was briefly in "That's Entertainment" where he was called Peter Pascual?
  • he used to write poetry and send them to girls in high school?
  • he owns a cue stick autographed by Efren "Bata" Reyes?
  • he used to collect Matchbox toy cars?
  • as a child, he wanted to be an auto mechanical engineer?
  • he wanted to be a newscaster?
  • he used to be a clerk in a hospital in the US?
  • he was member of security during the 1998 Oscars?
  • he started in theater and is still an honorary member of UST's Teatro Tomasino?
  • he wants to be in Broadway?
  • he's had about 4 serious relationships, around 40 flings?
  • there was a time he was he was dating 5 girls at the same time?
  • there was a time he had 3 girlfriends showing up at his party (he hid under the table)?
  • he loves Winona Ryder- her eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, everything about Winona Ryder?
  • he loves hiking, nature, the beach?
  • he's read Deepak Chopra?
  • he prays everyday?


1. Did you know that his real surname is Herzig? Pascual was acquired from my step-grandfather?s surname. Before my dad could even get married, my grandmother from my father?s side married another guy, a Filipino. Doon namin nakuha yung Pascual. Pero yung lola ko sa father side ang original na German, he explained.

2. His parents got his name from a horse jockey. When my mom was pregnant with me, mahilig magkarera si daddy ko- horse racing. Hindi ko alam kung Spanish,German, whatever yung Piolo. Yung Jose, lahat ng lalaki sa Pascual my Jose. Like my brother is Pocholo Jose and lahat ng babae may Ann.

3. Piolo had his very first nomination ( Star Awards for Tv) when he was cast in the big-budgeted mini-series Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako, portraying the role of Raffy.

4. He had his very first car accident when he was 23 on his way to an interview with People Asia. ?I was late for that interview kasi I accidentally hit a car, I feel worse for him than me coz the guy was really worried that his father would be angry.?

5. The very first thing he does when he wakes up is go directly to the bathroom, take a shower and do his daily routine- brush his teeth and wash his face.

6. Before he sleeps at night, he never(ever) forgets to pray.

7. Whenever he passes by a church, he makes it a point to stop and pray at the Adoration Chapel.

8. He also has a passion of collecting miniatures. ?I collect yung mga McDonald?s Happy Meals, ?yung mga miniature na laruan. I wish people would know that para they would give me,? he joked.

9. If not asleep,he must be on the phone making telebabad.

10. He hates ghosts, but is not afraid of them.

11. His favorite underwear are Calvin Klein garments, whether briefs or boxers.

12. He must be a good kisser because his ex-girlfriend still sends him lip balms.

13. His ideal woman would have to fit the category, ?Woman of the New Millenium?- someone who could carry herself, who has self-respect and great faith. ?I would want a Filipina. I want them a bit conservative. Long legs with long hair and I like morena. I also would like someone older. I don?t want to baby anyone. I want to be the one babied.?

14. A woman is sexy if ? she has the brains. There?s nothing like seduction of the mind.

15. His ideal would have to be spent on the beach, eat lunch on the raft, hang out, enjoy nature and just talk all day long to discover more about each other.

16. Dishonesty and being pretentious turns him off. He furthered,? I don?t want pasosyal?.

17. Piolo?s Christian influence came from Donita Rose and Coney Reyes. It was Donita who gave him the Bible.

18. What guides him through the day is the phrase from God?s Devotional Book for Men that says, ? Success is what you become after you succeed?.

19. Under his bed is futon. ?Para pag may natulog sa kuwarto ko, ipapahiram ko yun.?

20. If not a moviestar, he might be in the States working in the hospital or trying to penetrate Hollywood. If not he?d be just a regular 8-5 emloyee or a student and an aspiring filmmaker.

21. He believes in destiny and in chocolates and roses.

22. He also likes to court women the old-fashioned way.

23. He is a jeans and shirt person. As casual as he can get.

24. He could spend the day just enjoying the birds and the bees being an animal lover.

25. The stupidest he did for love was when he went to Cebu all by himself. Everything was a first time for him. ?That was my very first flight, the first time I rode a plane. I did that for my girlfriend who was in Cebu that time. I was in first year college, mga 16 ako. I just went there.I consider it stupid because you know, I could just wait for her naman in Manila,eh. But then I went to Cebu, gumastos ako that was my first time to ride a plane. Ayun,kabadung-kabado ?ko!Ha!Ha!Ha!

26. His hands are his favorite body part. ?You can do anything with your hands eh. My hands can do wonders,?he mischievously related.

27. Aggressive women don?t intimidate him but they sometimes irritate him.

28. When you see this guy super quiet?uh-oh! Something must be wrong. According to junior superstar Judy Ann Santos: Tahimik magalit si Piolo, nakakatakot but if ever he gets that mad,I?d let him be??

29. Sometimes,Piolo have mood swings lest we say he is still very sweet.

30. He really doesn?t have that big bod in his younger years but look at him now!

31. Did you know that nothing makes him any happier than being with his family and son? ?Nothing makes me happier than to spend quality time with my family. Especially now, that I?m quite busy with my career. My bottom line now is my family.

32. If you want to get this guy?s attention,give him a good script. ?A good script really turns me on. It makes my mind go around, and I see that there are so many possibilities. Navi-visualize ko and I try to internalize the moment I get the script. The moment I get to the set, it?s like I?m on the stage where I become a different person.?

33. Who is Piolo Pascual off-cam? ?I am very simple. I am not your typical ?gimmick guy?. I love to stay at home and just save my money instead of going out to drink and party. My idea of having fun is watching my favorite movies on video. And, of course, spending time with my kid.?